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National Glass Company Indiana, PA. (1900 - 1903)

Predecessor to Dugan Glass Co.

During the years of 1900 to 1903 the Indiana, PA site was operated by the National Glass Company. It is important to note that during this time period all of the Northwood molds stayed at the site and were available for use by the National Glass Company. The National Glass Company changed the name from the Northwood Company, Indiana, PA to the Northwood Glass Works of the National Glass Company. So technically it was still Northwood Glass even though Harry Northwood was in England and not involved any way with the operation. The plant continued to carry the Northwood name until 1904 when the Dugan Glass Company was formed. Under National operations the Indiana site continued to make some of the patterns and colors developed by Northwood Co.

National Glass, Oriental Line (1901)  Link

Note:  Oriental is not appear to be a Northwood mold.  This is not Granite ware.


Dugan Glass Company Indiana, PA, 1904 - 1913

Dugan Pompeian Line (1904)  Link



Venetian Line (1905)  Link

This is a Venetian Line Rose bowl but it is full Iridized.


Dugan Palm and Scroll (1905)

It appears in Butler Brothers Catalog of 1905 with Venetian glass items but it is not Venetian glass.

In Blue transparent Opalescent glass.


Transitional Glass 1906- 1909.  Link

The Rose Bowl is iridized looks much like the Venetian Line but does not have any internal Optic.  Most likely it was something made at the end of Venetian Line production as Dugan went to Carnival.   This rose bowl has been seen in light blue also. 


Japanese Line (1906)  Link

The roes bowl on the left is call Starburst the one on the right is a normal Japanese Line RB.   



Honeycomb with Venetian Line finish (1905 -1906), Honeycomb Carnival (1909)  Link


Tri-Fold Carnival (1909) Link

The Tri-Fold uses a spiral optic.


Diamond Glass Company Indiana Pa, 1913 -1931

This is actually the Diamond Glass company not Dugan.  In 1913 Thomas E. A. Dugan and Alfred Dugan had left the plant for a new venture in Lonaconing, Maryland. Alfred Dugan rejoined the company in March 1915. Dugan/Diamond produced iridescent ware from about 1902 until late into 1920s, with heaviest production from 1909 into the1920s.

Grape Delight (1915)

It appeared in 1915 Butler Brothers Catalog.

Top left is clear glass which is iridized, the top right is typically called marigold due to the color and it is also clear glass which iridized.  Bottom is a more typical Carnival glass color some call it purple other amethyst.  Either way the color is in the doping not the glass.



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