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  Dugan Glass Co.

Tri-Fold - Carnival

Tri-Fold Carnival, Circa 1909

Colors of base glass included: Clear

Surface: Carnival Peach Opalescent

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Side View

Side View

Side View

 Side View

Top View

Bottom View

Colors:  Base glass is Clear.  

On Carnival rose bowls no frit is used and there are two finished colors of the carnival; one, Marigold and the other Peach Opalescent.  The rose bowl above I would call Peach Opalescent.

Glass Type:  Transparent glass which used a internal spiral optic on the rose bowls.

Bowl:  Basic shape of the rose bowl is elongated spherical with three slightly inward pinched crimps.  Each side has one inward pinch per side.  An Internal 20 spiral optic is used.  The spiral optic is at about 75 degree spiraling upward from the base clockwise pattern from the base.   The rose bowl also has a collar base (marie) flat bottom to slight concave where pontil rod was attached.  Bowl has a slight convex interior, in the collar base area.  Slight roll or flair to lip of crimp area, heat (fire) smoothed with light opalescent.   

Decoration:  No frit glass application.   

Dimension: 4.25 height by 4.25 wide.  Bowl opening 2.5 avg.

Glass House: Dugan Glass Co.

Region of Manufacture: USA, Indiana, PA.

Estimated Date of Manufacture:  Non Carnival 1909 

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