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Glass houses

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Adams & Co.

A. J. Beatty & Sons Glass Co.  AKA Tiffin Glass

Albany Glass -model Flint Glass Co.

Boston & Sandwich

Boulton and Mills

Bryce Bros.


Burtles, Tate & Co.

Cambridge Glass Co.

Central Glass Co.

Challinor, Taylor & Co.

Coudersport Glass

Crystal Glass Co.

Consolidated (C. L. & G. Co.)

Dalzell, Gillmore & Leighton

Doyle & Co.

Dugan / Diamond

Duncan, George & George Duncan & Sons Co.

Durand Art Glass - Vineland Flint Glass Co.


Fostoria Glass Co. (Fostoria, OH)

Fostoria Glass Co. (Moundsville, W. VA)

Fostoria Lamp and Shade Company & Consolidated Lamp and Glass Co.–Fostoria, OH.

H. C. Fry, Glass Company

Gillinder & Sons

Greensburg Glass Co.


Hawkes & Co.

Heisey, A,H. Heisey & Co.

Higbee, J.B. - Glass Co.

Hobbs, Brockunier &  Co.

Imperial Glass Co.

Indiana Tumbler & Goblet Co.

Jefferson Glass Co.




Lagras, August - Co.

L. E. Smith


McKee & Bros. Glass Co. 

Millersburg Glass Co. 


Mt. Washington

Nailsea Glass

National Glass Co.

New England Glass Co.

New Martinsville Glass Co.

Nickel Plate


O'Hara Glass Co.



Phoenix Glass Co.

Pilgrim Glass Co.


Richardson Brothers

Richard & Hartley Glass Co.

Ripley Glass Co.

Rindskopf - Josefhutte Glassworks

Robinson Glass Co.

Rossler Enameled Glass

Smith Brothers Glass Co.

Stuart, Frederick - Stuart & Sons

Stevens & Williams

Tarentum Glass Co.

Tiffin Glass AKA A. J. Beatty & Sons Glass Co.

U.S. Glass Company

Union Glass Company

von Poschinger

John Walsh Walsh Glass

Joseph Webb

William Jr. and Edward Webb

Webb, Thomas & Sons

Franz Welz - Klostergrab

Westmoreland Glass Co.

Wright, L. G.


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