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Air Trap (MOP) swirl, M-Crimp Rose Bowl

Air Trap (MOP) swirl M-Crimp Rose Bowl, Circa 1890s

Colors of base glass:  white 

Surface: Over case is a soft Carmel color.

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Side View

Side View

Side View

 Side View

Top View

Bottom View

Colors:  Base glass is white with over case a soft Carmel color.  

Glass Type:  Case Glass.

Bowl:  Basic shape of the rose bowl is round slightly elongated spherical at top with four major inward pinched crimps and four minor M- Crimp.  The spiral MOP optic is at about 30 degree spiraling upward from the base clockwise pattern from the base.   The rose bowl also has a collar base (marie) flat to  concave bottom ground bottom where pontil rod was attached.  Bowl has a slight convex interior, in the collar base area.  Slight roll or flair to lip of crimp area, heat (fire) smoothed with light opalescent.   

Decoration:  Nicely Enameled.   

Dimension: 4.37 height by 5.5 wide.  Bowl opening 2.75 avg.

Glass House:  Harrach - Novy Svet Glassworks 

Region of Manufacture: Bohemia, Austro Hungary.

Estimated Date of Manufacture:  1890s 

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