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Boston and Sandwich Glass Co.

1825 - 1887

Sandwich, MA.  

 Boson and Sandwich about 1830

  Boston and Sandwich Glass Company was started by Deming Jarves in 1825.  By 1827, it was one of three factories in the USA making pressed glass.  By 1830 , the Boston and Sandwich factory produced more pressed glass than blown ware.  In 1858 Mr. Jarves resigned to to start up the Cape Cod Glass Co., which was also located in Sandwich, MA.  Mr. Jarves actions was due to his differences of opinion between himself and some of the director of the company.

The Glass Workers Union was first initiated at the Boston and Sandwicht in 1879 and again in 1887.  A strike effectively closed the plant for good.

The term "Sandwich Glass" has become a term lace glass.  Lacy glass is a very detailed, intricate patter of old pressed flint glass (leaded clear glass) during the mid 1800s.  The detailed patterns hid the imperfections in the glass that occured during this time period.  Boston and Sandwich never manufactured the cheaper soda-lime glass.  All their product was produced with Flint Glass.

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