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Burtles, Tate & Company

1858 - Mid 1920s

Manchester, England.

Burtles, Tate & Co. is not well documented, simple stated their history is sketchy.  They started operations about 1858 and produced glass into the mid 1920s when their assets were sold.  They were know for high quality pressed glass both opalescent, flint and colored, ornamental (novelty) glass. 

Burtles, Tate & Co. was registered at Poland Street Glass Works, Oklham Road, Manchester England.  By 1881 they had a second furnace working at Bolton, know as Victoria Glassworks.  A new furnace was built mid-1880s to replace the Victoria Works.  It was know as German Street Works.  Their  local competitors included:  Derbyshire Glass, Sowerby Glass, Davidson Glass and Greener Glass.

Mr. Richards Burtles, from records appears to have been a skilled glassblower.  He was a member for he Flint Glass Workers Society prior to becoming a partner in the glass company.

Burtles, Tate & Co. are know to have several Rd #s issued to their company.  They are:

Rd# 29106;  issued in 1885, which featured a thin, barren tree braches and oversized acorns.  This motif was used on several items in different shapes, ranging from a boat setting on four ped legs to an attractive curved flower trough.  All carry the same Rd#.

Rd# 39807;  also issued in 1885, for a "Flower Bucket" aka "Wall Pocket Vase".

Rd# 44445; issued in 1886, for a "Flower Holder".  It was 7" long boat having stylized seashells along the top edge and two Mermaids at each end.  , that sets on four peg like legs.

Rd# 510504;  issues about 1907 for a coal scuttle salt cellar.

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