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Crystal Glass Company

Bellaire, OH.

18?? - 1901

National Glass Company, 1901 - 19??

      Edward Muhleman was a riverboat captain and financier based out of Wheeling. He sold his company; Muhleman’s Crystal Glass Company, Bellaire, Ohio to National Glass Company and then severed his relationship with National. 

Muhleman, then formed the Imperial Glass Company which was founded in 1901 in Bellaire, Ohio by Muhleman.  Other investors in the Imperial Glass venture included: James F. Anderson of Bellaire, J. N. Vance, Morris Horkheimer and Lawrence E. Sanders (all of Wheeling).

In 1973, Imperial Glass Co. was purchased by Lenox, Inc. Lenox sold Imperial in 1981 to Arthur Lorch, a “turn round expert.” By 1982, Imperial had filed bankruptcy (Chapter 11), and in 1984, Imperial Glass Company closed its doors forever.

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