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J. B. Higbee Glass Company

1907 - 1918

Bridgeville, Pa.

In 1907, Oliver Higbee and R.G. West started a new glass company in Bridgeville, Pa. They named it in honor of J.B. Higbee since he was instrumental in forming it. He had died previously in 1906.

Bryce, Higbee Co. had been closed and the abandoned plant had been sold to the Carnegie Steel Company. Oliver was able to purchase all the moveable parts including molds, equipment and machinery. J.B. Higbee Glass Co. were manufacturing pot glass only, but a superior and of handmade quality.

Several of the Bryce, Higbee patterns were continued at J.B. Higbee. It is not known if J.B. Higbee did their own decorating and staining. Oliver Higbee started the practice of marking the glass for identification, using a trademark bee that was applied to the plunger. It consisted of a tiny raised bee figure with an H on the left wing, an I on the body, and a G on the right wing.

The plant enjoyed a good run for several years, but closed under mysterious circumstances. It had been rumored that Oliver Higbee left the area with the company money, causing the plant to go up for sale. Oliver died on August 22, 1919 at the age of 44.

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