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Bohemian Glass


Glassworks of

Adolfshutte, Kaltnebach, Idathal Volynka, Ernsbrunn & Franzenthal

 Firms of

J. Meyr’s Neffen, Meyr’s Neffe, Wilhelm Kralik Shone &

A. G. Ludwig Moser & Sohn und Meyr’s Neff A.G.

In 1815 Josef Meyr was given permission to build and operate a glass works on the estate of Prince Adolf Schwrzenberg.  It opened on October 1, 1816 at which time he was 84 year of age.  Josef Meyer  acquired four glass houses:  Adolfshutte, Kaltnebach, Idathal and Volynka between (1816 – 1829).  Jan Meyr, Josef Meyr son worked in the business and improved operations by adding cutting and engraving shops.    Jan, inherited the business upon his father’s death.  Then Jan died childless in 1841 at the age of 61. 

In 1841 his father’s company’s ownership, passed to Jan’s nephews  Josef Taschek and Wilhelm Kralik.  In 1854 they acquired two more glass works:  Ernsbrunn and Franzenthal.  The firm’s name was then changed to J. Meyr’s Neffen (the nephews of J. Meyr).  In 1851 Wilhelm Kralik married Louise Lobmeyr the sister to Josef Lobmeyr the founder of J. & L. Lobmeyr a glass retail store in Vienna 

Josef Taschek died in 1862,  leaving Kralik in total charge of his own firm.  He changed the company name to Meyr’s Neffe at that time.  Kralik was a glasshouse owner from 1841 until his death in 1877. 

Upon Kralik death his four sons inherited the Kralik firm of Meyr’s Neffe.  The firm consisted of six glasshouses which was divided between his four sons.  As per Ms. Truitt, Karl and Hugo inherited; Adolfshutte, Idahutte, Luisenhutte and Franzhutte.  Karl and Hugo ran their business under the name Meyr’s Neffe which was Kralik’s company name from 1862 on.    

Kralik sons Heinrich and Johann inherited two glasshouses being Eleonorahutte and Ernsthutte.  They operated their business under the name “Wilhelm Kralik Shone” (sons)

Hugo died in 1883, Karl died in 1899.  Karl’s sons Alfrons (1885-1962) and Siegfried (1891-1974) inherited the firm of Meyr’s Neffe which operated until 1922 when it merged with Ludwig Moser and was renamed A. G. Ludwig Moser & Sohn und Meyr’s Neff A.G.  

The firm of Wilhelm Kralik Shone remained in business up until the beginning of WWII.     

 Kralik Glass

Kralik’s pseudo Silveria Glass Vase




Kralik Streifen und Flechen Rose Bowl

Photo Courtesy of David Littlefield Collection


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