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O'Hara Glass Co.

Pittsburg, PA. 30th St. and A.V.R.R.  (1875 – 1891)

 U.S. Glass Co., “Factory L” Pittsburg, PA (1891 - 1893)


Founded by James O’Hara and Isaac Craig in Pittsburg,  PA in a 1797.  They pioneered the glass industry in the area.  The plant was located on the South Side near the Duquene Incline Parking Lot exists at Station Square today.

Latter they became O’Hara Glass Company, Ltd. of Pittsburg, PA.  They operated as such from 1848 until 1891 when they joined the U.S. Glass Company and the factory was renamed “Factory L”.  U.S.G. Co operated the glassworks until 1893.

O'Hara Glass Co. produced many of the very early pressed glass patterns (EAPG).

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