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Rindskopf Bohemian Glass    

1891 - 1927

Josefhutte Glassworks

In 1891 Josef Rindskopt built Josefhutte (Josef’s house Glassworks) in Kostany u Teplicproducing glass, which was then shipped to Plevsko for finishing.  The glasshouse was built in this area due to the development of a new coal basin in the north.

Josef has four sons:  Albert, Edwin, Sidney and Sherman, who were active in the business.  They changed their family name form Rindskopf to Riethof.    They in turn expanded the business by acquiring two Glasshouses, one in Duchov which they named Fanny and the second was Barbarahutte in Mstisov in 1900.  It was the Barbarahutte glasshouse which was best known for its production of Iridized glass during the Art Nouveau period.  This glass was given name as Grenada, Ahambra, Pepita and the most sought after Diluvium.  Diluvium glass looks like marble by coloring.  Some is smooth others are engrave in high relief.

Rindskopf experienced sever loss in World War I and became a public corporation in 1920.  The firm was declared bankrupt in September of 1927.          


Rindskopf Glass

Grenada Line Bow, ca. 1900

A tri from crimped 6" rose bowl, with an internal optic.  The rose bowl has been Iridized.


Normal round shape Rose Bowl with 8 Crimps in Green Martele by Rindskopf.



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