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Adams & company

1851 - 1891

Pittsburgh, Ohio Area

National Glass Co. "Factory A":  1891 - 1930


Adams Glass Factory


John Adams started in the glass business as an apprentice before 1846.  In 1851, Adams opened his own glass factory.  By 1861 it was considered one of the largest glass factories in the Pittsburgh Area.

In 1884, Mr. Adams purchased a burned out factory site of Challinor and Taylor. He then rehabilited the building and move his operations into the new location.  The company latter  merged into the United States Glass Co., and this location was then know as U.S. Glass, "Factory A" in 1891

In 1892 the members of the Adams and Co. partnership who had joined the U.S. Glass Co., disposed of their sock and withdrew from the glass business..

U.S. Glass Co. continued to operate the "Factory A" until the 1930s.    

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