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  Hobbs, Brockunioer & Co. Glass.

Coral Reef

Coral Reef, Circa 1891

Colors of base glass included: Clear, Vaseline

Surface: Opalescent Pattern treatment

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Side View

Top View

Side View


 Side View

Top View

Bottom View

Colors:  Base glass is Clear and Vaseline.    

Glass Type:  Transparent glass which used a internal vertical optic panels consisting of 20 vertical  scalloped shaped bands on the interior and exterior surface of the bowl.  These scallops are narrow at the top and bottom of the bowl and widest in center of the bowl.  

Bowl:  Basic shape of the rose bowl is elongated spherical sloping inward but without crimps.  Internal optic pattern was use for application of the opalescent glass.   The rose bowl also has a collar base (marie) slight concave where pontil rod was attached.  Bowl has a slight convex interior, in the collar base area.  Slight roll or flair to lip of crimp area, fells to have been llghtly ground.  .   

Decoration:  The rose bowl has an opalescent treatment in the pattern of coral or seaweed.     

Dimension: bowl 4.75 height by 4.63 wide, collar Marie 2.5".  Bowl opening 2.0 avg.

Glass House:  Hobbs, Brockunioer & Co. Glass.

Region of Manufacture: USA, Wheeling, WV.

Estimated Date of Manufacture:  1891 

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