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Cased Satin Glass Swirl Rose Bowl, Circa Victorian Period,

Colors: Green 

Collection of:  The Antiquarian Collection

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Side View

Top View

Bottom View

Color of Bowl: White interior, green exterior transitioning (Light green Lime, bottom to Dark green Olive, top crimp area). 

Glass Type: Cased Satin Glass rose bowl two layers white interior with green colored cased exterior.    

Bowl:  Spherical shaped with 8 tight inward crimps on rim, concaved bottom with semi ground pontil with convex interior of bowl.  The rose bowl exhibits an unusually counter clock wise twist or swirl (left hand twist) on the lower 60% of the rose bowl bottom.  Most case glass rose bowl which exhibit a twist or swirl, the swirl is most often found in clock wise or right hand twist.     

Decoration: Nice, simple, factory applied, enameled two sided repeated pattern of leaves, vines and Victorian Fleur De Lis scroll decoration.  Two color (gold non metallic and beige brown) use in the enameling.  

Dimension: 3.5 height by 4.0 wide.  Bowl opening 1.5  

Glass House: Attributed to Mt. Washington

Region of Manufacture: USA

Estimated Date of Manufacture:  Victorian Period

Condition:  Excellent

Overall opinion:  Nice, simple Victorian period rose bowl with simple clean enameling.  The RB has an unusually counter clock wise twist or swirl.

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