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Northwood Comparison Glass Rose Bowl Pattern Page


Note:  the rose bowls below were made in several transparent colors of glass,  some were made in a opaque Custard glass, some had applied opalescent others received carnivalize finishes (doped) in many different colors.  The rose bowls comparisons below are illustrate the physical shape differences.  In the case of the two Beaded Drapes rose bowl one may have been manufactured by Northwood and latter produced by Jefferson.  

Also Northwood made many other patterns which rose bowls were not known to be produced.  Some of these patterns had finger bowls which are not rose bowls.       

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Beaded Cable

Beaded Drapes

 Beaded Drapes Alt.

Button Panel


Daisy and Fern

 Daisy & Plume 3-Footed

Daisy & Plume Stemmed

Fancy Fantail


Fine Cut & Roses


 Fluted Bars & Beads

Fluted Scroll or Klondyke aka Jackson (Spooner?)

Inverted Fan & Feather


Leaf & Beads

Opal Open


Pearls & Scales


Spanish Lace aka Opaline Brocade

Royal Ivy





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