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#317 - Jewel, aka Threaded Swirl, Circa 1891

Colors: Flint with partial ruby casing i.e. "Rubina" 

Collection of:  The Antiquarian Collection

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Side View

Top View

Bottom View

Note:   Strictly speaking this is not a rose bowl since it has a slight lip going vertical.  This piece of glass is not missing anything like a spout or lid.  Other pieces in the Northwood Jewel pattern, have been seen with the top of the bowl bing flat or no vertical lip.  For the sack of identification we have included on this website.  

Color of Bowl:  Base glass is flint (clear) with a partial Ruby casing also called rubina.

The amount of Ruby casing glass varies from very little on some pieces of Northwood Jewel to almost complete coverage on others.  Expect varying about of rubina application.

Glass Type: Transparent glass    

Bowl:  Spherical shaped bowl, slight concave ground bottom with slight outer flaring collar marie with convex interior of bowl.  This bowl has internal spiral 60 degree clockwise optic. This rose bowl was blown into a four piece mold.       

Decoration: In addition to the glass colors, and internal optic there are ridges around the circumference of the top 33%  and bottom 33% of the rose bowl with as smooth are between.  These ridges were imparted by the finish mold.   

Dimension: 3.75 height by 4.5 wide.  Bowl opening 2.12  

Glass House: Northwood Glass Co., Martin's Ferry

Region of Manufacture: USA, Martin's Ferry, Ohio

Estimated Date of Manufacture:  1891

Condition:  Excellent

Overall opinion:  Nice, early piece of Northwood glass.

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