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The Antiquarian Research Update 6/27/08

Spiral Optic

     If the reader is interested in a possibly unidentified rose bowl, below is something for your consideration and discussion.

You will find a new rose bowl below far right, which I believe is thus far undocumented.   I have embedded pictures within this document for the easy of discussion.  I have selected specific rose bowls to compare size, shape, crimp and internal optics of the known manufacture’s rose bowls to the unknown rose bowl on the far right, I call this rose bowl Spiral Optic.  I purchased the rose bowl in question about two months ago have not had time to study it at length.  I had not photographed it until this week.   I rather quickly wrote this up, at the request of a fellow rose bowl collector.  For this reason, forgive my English since I have not fully proof read this document. 

Side View


Top View

Bottom View

All three group photos are illustrating same rose bowl order. 

Rose bowls from left to right: 

Northwood 1899, Opaline Brocade AKA Spanish Lace, (Vaseline glass) with opalescent pattern, no internal optic, eight crimps.

Northwood 1890, Jewel AKA Threaded Swirl, (Rubena glass, ruby flash over clear) with internal spiral or swirl optic with counter clockwise rotation.

Dugan 1904, either Pompeian or Venetian, (green transparent glass), heavy frit glass treatment, this rose bowl has an internal vertical optic, three crimps. 

Model Flint Glass Co. of Albany, IN 1898, Reverse Swirl, (Vaseline glass), with opalescent swirl pattern in a counter clockwise rotation, with internal spiral or swirl optic with clockwise rotation, eight crimps.

Jefferson Glass Co. 1905, Opalescent Swirl, (clear glass) with opalescent swirl pattern in a counter clockwise rotation, no internal optic and twelve crimps.  Note, on internal lips of the crimps, minor amounts of carryover cranberry frit glass can be found.

Jefferson Glass Co. 1905, Opalescent Swirl, (Vaseline glass) with opalescent swirl pattern in a counter clockwise rotation, no internal optic and twelve crimps.

Unknown Spiral Optic: though to be Jefferson Glass Co. 1905 - 1907, (Vaseline glass) with opalescent and cranberry frit glass treatment to the crimp area only, eight crimps not twelve with a internal spiral or swirl optic in a counter clockwise rotation.

     As indicated above I suspect that Spiral Optic was made by Jefferson Glass Company. The size of this rose bowl matches that of the known 12 crimp Jefferson rose bowls except for height.  The eight crimp rose bowl is slightly taller, probably do to the lower number of crimps with same mass of glass as on the 12 crimp rose bowls.  This would result in more height.  The collar base (marie) is the same exact size and shape as the 12 crimp Jefferson rose bowls.  Then there is the issue of cranberry frit.  Dave Patterson states only Jefferson Glass Co. used Cranberry Frit.  I have found nothing in historical documentation to support this statement.  However, we do know that Jefferson used this treatment method.  The cranberry frit glass treatment found on the crimps of Spiral Optic match or is indicative of Jefferson's methodology.  William Heacock also stated that Northwood used cranberry frit treatment on their glass.  Dugan probably used more frit glass than any other rose bowl manufacture in the US, however Spiral Optic is not of the size or shape of known Northwood or Dugan rose bowls.  Dugan was also not known to use a spiral internal optics.  To the best of my knowledge, Dugan’s rose bowl's internal optics were all vertical or the hemispherical spot optic as used in the Japanese Line.  Northwood and Model Flint did use spiral or swirl internal optics but they do not match our new rose bowl.  Model Flint is a reverse spiral optic and the Northwood's spiral is a much tighter spiral, it has a greater or steeper angle of attack than Spiral Optic.  For example compare the Northwood’s Jewel's 60 degrees angle vs. the 45 degrees angle of Spiral Optic.  Again I must state my research is only preliminary and my rose bowl research is ongoing, as always!

What are your opinions?   

Jefferson 12 crimp to Spiral Optic side view.

Jefferson 12 crimp to Spiral Optic top view.

Jefferson 12 crimp to Spiral Optic bottom view.

Spiral Optic side view.

Spiral Optic top view.

Spiral Optic bottom view.

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