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Research Projects

     P#1 Shell & Seaweed Rose Bowls

     We are currently working on a embossed glass rose bowl some times known as blown-out.  We have chosen to start with a rose bowl pattern known as Shell & Seaweed.  It has formally been attributed to Consolidated Lamp & Glass Company from Fostoria, Ohio and latter from Coraopolis, Pennsylvania.   

Project Goals:

A. Confirm or refute current attribution.

B. Establish approximate date that these rose bowls were first manufactured.

C. Analyze and define various sizes and crimp patterns.

D. Review manufacturing history to explain manufactured Variants.

E.  Explore working relationships between C. L. & G. Co., Fostoria Glass Co. and Phoenix Glass Co.

F. Explore other Embossed Patten rose bowls to see if there may be a connection to the same glasshouse that produced the Shell & Seaweed Rose Bowls.  Note, this study has been expanded to included Shell Embossed, Fan Embossed, Floral Embossed and Cabbage Rose, rose bowls.

Research Update 3/28/08


P#2 Dugan - Pompeian, Venetian & Japanese

Project Goals:

A. Study original documents or trade catalogs to define the different lines.

B. Study the rose bowls to ascertain if line differentiation is possible.

Research Complete Work Notes 7/01/2015


P#3 Northwood / Jefferson - Beaded Drapes Pattern

Project Goals:

A. There are two distinct physical shaped rose bowls with this same decorative pattern i.e. Beaded Drapes.  These rose bowls have been attributed to both Northwood and Jefferson.  The project goal is to definitively identify the manufacture of rose bowls or of each individual rose bowl, if they were manufactured by two separate companies. 


P#4 Northwood / Jefferson - Fancy Fantails, Fluted Bars and Beads and Pearls & Scales Patterns

Project Goals:

A. Previously all of these glass patterns have been attributed to Northwood by William Heacock.  More modern opinion is questioning Northwood's production of these patterns.  Many feel these patterns were produced by Jefferson Glass Company.  The project goal is to confirm proper attribution from original manufacture's documents or for period reports if possible. 


P#5 Spiral Optic

Project Goals:

A. Identify possibly manufacture of suspected, undocumented rose bowl name Spiral Optic.  

Research Update 6/27/08

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