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Cranberry Intaglio Cut to Clear Glass Rose Bowl, Circa Victorian Period 1880s -1890s

Colors:  Cranberry Cut to Clear.

Collection of:  The Antiquarian Collection

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Notes:  This rose bowl is a Stourbridge piece.  It is attributed to Stevens and Williams of Brierly Hill.  The base of the rose bowl has an applied clear glass raspberry attached over the pontil scare.  This is indicative of Stevens and Williams as well as other English glass manufactures.  The feet are a match for Stevens and Williams' Rustic Patten Ball foot.  A very similar rose bowl can be found in Victorian Decorative Glass by Mervyn Guilliver on page 127.  However the rose bowl illustrated in Guilliver book, has been decorated in a pseudo Mat-Su-No- Ke style and the crimp is slightly smaller.      

Glass Type:  Cranberry cut to Clear.       

Bowl:  Spherical shaped with 16 small inward crimps.  The bowl has three clear glass applied rustic ball feet in addition to a raspberry type prunt applied over the pontil scar.

Decoration: Cranberry intaglio cut to clear glass.  The engraving is reminiscent of Joseph Keller's designs.       

Dimension: 3.25 total height, 3.00" bowl height by 3.62 width of bowl.  Bowl opening 1.50  

Glass House: Stevens and Williams

Region of Manufacture: UK

Estimated Date of Manufacture:  Victorian Period 1880s -1890s

Condition:  Excellent

Overall opinion:  Beautiful Victorian period cut to clear rose bowl. 

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