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Stuart & Sons

Red House Glassworks – Stuart and Sons, 1883 - 1936

 Non Cased Glass rose bowls

On April 29, 1881, Frederick Stuart leased the Red House Glassworks.  In 1883, he formed a partnership with William Henry Stuart, Frederick Stuart Jr., Robert Stuart, Arthur Stuart and George Stuart.  He also made allowances for his son Walter Mansfield Stuart.

In December of 1885, William George Webb and Edward Webb renewed the lease of Red House Glassworks with Stuart & Sons.

In 1897, Frederick Stuart, then 82, retired.  He was paid 10% interest per year of the balance due his buyout.  The new partners were William Henry Stuart, Frederick Stuart, Jr., Robert Stuart, Walter Mansfield Stuart and Samuel Mansfield Stuart and allowances were made for William Henry Stuart’s son Charles.  Arthur and George Stuart (brothers) had died. 

In 1911, Stuart & Sons was incorporated as a limited company.  The outbreak of the First World War stopped any additional advancement in glassmaking.

In 1936, the furnace was allowed to go cold ending glass production for the final time at Red House Glassworks.  Stuart & Sons transferred all work to a new factory built at the old White House Glassworks.

In 1966, Stuart & Sons Ltd. opened a new factory at Aberbargoed in South Wales.

In 1995, Stuart Strathearn became the target of a takeover by Waterford Wedgwood.  Waterford succeeded in their takeover bid.  Due to the foreign competition and the high value of the pound, all glass production ceased in 2001 with over a hundred employees losing their jobs.  The following year the cutting and polishing shops closed. 


Stuart and Sons Non Case Glass


Below is a Stuart & Sons, Oval shaped transparent Ruby Glass Vase.  The rim is decorated with applied trail of clear glass rigaree.  Large pincered work, 3 stylized acanthus leafs spiraling up the bowl sides.  A acanthus leaf springs from each foot.  A clear glass raspberry prunt over the pontil mark and supported on three applied glass snail type feet.  5.5" H x 4.0" W  This not a rose bowl.   

The ribbed bowl below is not a rose bowl it is a center bowl.  It made of Spatter Glass with beautiful Citron applied glass feet and a Citron flower prunt.  Notice the unusuall prunt  which is six sided not the normal five side prunt, containing five flower leaves.  It provides the reader a great look at the detail of Stuart and Sons' Glass.






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