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Stevens & Williams Glass    


 Stevens and William received a Patent on September 6, 1886 for a glass known as “Jewelled”.  This glass was created with beautiful threading which is peculiar to this one type of glass.  A gather of semi blow blown bubble of glass was threaded all over then blown into a clear glass cup to trap air bubbles.  Then the assembly of the two glasses was further blown into a ribbed mould which squeezed the glass together.  This formed a solid stripes alternating with vertical rows of air bubbles.  Jewelled was given the Rd # 55693.

Jewelled glass production went through several design variations.  The first was to thread the glass gather (semi blow) with green thread glass in place of the clear and then cased in heat- sensitive glass.  The ribbed mold was replaced with a Raindrop Pattern mold.  Pieces with the Raindrop Pattern often were engraved and received the Rd # of 81501.

There are also examples of a Herring-bone pattern.  These were created by putting the glass in a pull-up machine after treading.

Remember Jewelled glass can be found in several styles and were made using combinations of methods.  One it is Air Trap Cased Glass, two it was involved the use of a threaded machine.  In some cases it also required the use of the Pull-up machine. 

Jewelled glass has been previously called Zipper in an earlier publication on rose bowls.  We do not know why.  We have found no original Stevens & Williams documentation to support this name.  Original trade publications containing Stevens & Williams ads, refer only to "Jewelled".  We have not thus far seen any original documents referring to Zipper. 


Examples of Stevens & Williams' "Jewelled"

 A collection of different styled Jewelled bowls.  The four on the left are rose bowls while the blue one on the right is a finger bow.

Photos Courtesy of Norma Naber's Collections


Photos Courtesy of Fieldings Auctioneers Ltd.


Three rose bowl in two different sizes

  Photos Courtesy of Fieldings Auctioneers Ltd.


A Jewelled rose bowl

  Photos Courtesy of Fieldings Auctioneers Ltd


Below are three close-up photos of one Jewelled bow side, top and bottom view.  They show the detail and beauty of the bowl  It may have been a rose bowl or a finger bowl missing the under plate.  You can clearly see the Rd #55693 on the bottom view photo. 

Another Stevens and Williams Rose Bowl in clear glass with the Rd # 55693.




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