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Cased Satin Glass Rose Bowl, Cir. Victorian period 1885

Colors:  Pale green to slightly darker green top. Cream glass interior

Collection of:  The Antiquarian Collection

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Notes:  This rose bowl was originally improperly attributed to Thomas Webb and Sons.  Further research has proven it should be attributed to Stuart and Sons.  The base of the rose bowl has an applied clear glass raspberry prunt.  Which is indicative of Stuart & Sons work.  The feet exactly match know examples of Stuart & Sons' work.  The Appliqué work is also indicative of their work.  Rose bowls of this shape, size and exact decoration which are know to be examples Stuart & Sons Work.  An example of this rose bowl can be found in Mervyn Gulliver's book Victorian Decorative Glass British Designs, 1850-1914, on page 173.    

Glass Type:  Cased glass, cream white interior, pale green exterior, transitioning from very light green bottom to slightly darker light green top, crimp area.        

Bowl:  Is of a squat spherical shape with six inward crimps, fire polished rim.  The bowl is supported by (Qty. 3) applied clear glass scroll shell ribbed (Stuart & Sons design) feet, the bowl is of a light green color which transitions to a very slightly darker light green at the top or crimp area.           

Decoration: Clear glass applied shell ribbed scroll feet (Stuart & Sons design), raspberry prunt (Stuart & Sons design) over the pontil scare, on the bowl side there are three small appliqué raspberry prunts connecting three clear glass rigaree festoons.  There is also three drop trails below each raspberry prunt at the connection of the festoons.      

Dimension: 3.75” height by 4.37” wide bowl, 4.75” wide at rigaree swag.  Bowl opening 2.00”  

Glass House: Stuart & Sons

Region of Manufacture: UK

Estimated Date of Manufacture:  Victorian Period, 1885

Condition:  Excellent

Overall opinion:  Beautiful Victorian period rose bowl which is an excellent example of clear glass appliqué work.

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