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Attributed to T. Webb and sons  







Cased Satin Glass, Coralene Rose Bowl, Circa Victorian Period,

Colors: Blue 

Collection of:  The Antiquarian Collection

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Side View

Top View

Bottom View

Color of Bowl: White interior, blue exterior transitioning (Light blue on the bottom to slightly dark blue on the crimp area). 

Glass Type: Cased Satin Glass rose bowl two layers white interior with blue colored cased exterior.    

Bowl:  Spherical shaped with 8 inward crimps on rim, concaved bottom with fully ground pontil with convex interior of bowl.  A high quality rose bowl with very thin glass.   

Decoration: Beautiful Coralene decoration in a seaweed pattern.  Approximately 85% to 95% of the coralene is remaining.  

Dimension: 5.75 height by 6.37 wide.  Bowl opening 2.5  

Glass House: Attributed to (Researching)

Region of Manufacture: (Researching)

Estimated Date of Manufacture:  Victorian Period

Condition:  Excellent overall condition.  With 85% to 95% of the coralene still existing. 

Overall opinion:  Beautiful high quality rare example of a Victorian period cased satin glass Coralene rose bowl. 

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