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Thomas Webb  & Sons

Wordsley Flint Glassworks (T. Webb 1829 – 1835)

Whitehouse Glassworks (T. Webb 1835 – 1840)

Platts House Glassworks (T. Webb 1836 – 1854)

Dennis House Glassworks – (T. Webb & Successors 1854 – 1990)

Air Trap Glass


Thomas Webb Air Trap Glass

Coralene Glass Coralene was first patented in Germany in 1883 by Schierholz. It was soon after produced and exported from Bohemia. It was also made in the USA by MT. Washington Glass Company. Mt. Washington designs as well as those from Bohemia often imitated strands of coral in the patterns over the glass. T Webb also produced Coralene Glass in the UK. Its popularity extended into the 1920s.

Below is a Coralene decorated rose bowl in a “Wheat Pattern”. The bowl is Satin Glass, Air Trap (MOP), in the “Plus Sign in Diamond” pattern possible also called the “Iron Cross” pattern which has been previously attributed to T Webb. Bowl has three applied legs.


Satin Glass, Air Trap (MOP), Tri colored bowl in the Rivulet Pattern, which has been previously attributed to Thomas Webb.  Bowl has three applied legs.   I think the legs have been ground down.  They probable broke one.   


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