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Cased Glass, Circa Victorian period

Colors:  Cranberry base glass color with clear glass appliqué over the base glass.

Collection of:  The Antiquarian Collection

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Side View

Top View

Bottom View


Notes:  This rose bowl is attributed to Thomas Webb and Sons.  The base of the rose bowl has an applied clear glass berry attached over the puntil scare.  This indicative of T. Webb’s work.    Rose bowls of this similar shape have previously attributed by British author Cyril Manley to T. Webb.  However, John Walsh Walsh made Fair Lamps with this same design bowl for his Fair Lamps.  Was one a copy of the other?  We don’t know.  There exists the possibility that this rose bowl may have been made by John Walsh Walsh.

Glass Type:  Cranberry base glass bowl with clear appliqué case glass leaves and amber attached feet also in the shape of leaves.      

Bowl:  Footed (Qty. 6) in the shape of leaves support the rose bowl, the Cranberry base bowl is more or less cylindrical the clear glass applied leaves which create a semi-spherical shape.         

Decoration: None. 

Dimension: 4.00” height by 3.25” wide.  Bowl opening 2.00”  

Glass House: Thomas Webb & Sons Possible John Walsh Walsh

Region of Manufacture: UK

Estimated Date of Manufacture:  Victorian Period

Condition:  Excellent

Overall opinion:  Beautiful Victorian period rose bowl.  A good example of the glass makers art.

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