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Unknown glass House







Called Thread Optic  Circa Victorian,

Colors: Pink - Greenish Vaseline Glass, Uranium glass

Collection of:  The Antiquarian Collection

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Side View

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Color of Bowl: Greenish Vaseline glass with opalescent glass on the crimp to rim area.. 

Glass Type:  Vaseline glass / Uranium glass    

Bowl:  Spherical shaped with 8 inward crimps on rim.  Distinct lipped out collar marie bass which is flat at the bowl bottom. It has a ground pontil which is slightly concave at the external center of the bowl  It is slightly convex at the interior of the center of the bowl. 

This bowl as a very distinct internal optic of 25 vertical band radiating from the bottom to the top of the rose bowl.  Each band make a scalloped surface on interior of the bowl while unfelt on the exterior.   

Decoration: None  This bowl appears in one book on Opalescent by two well know authors they imply the bowl is treaded.  It is not.  There are tow ridges at the top below the crimps but were are from molding not treading.   

Dimension: 3.50 height by 4.5 wide.  Bowl opening 2.5  

Glass House: Unknown

Region of Manufacture: Unknown

Estimated Date of Manufacture:  Victorian Period

Condition:  Excellent

Overall opinion:  Nice, simple Victorian period uranium glass rose bowl with a very strong internal optic.  .

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