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  Unknown Glasshouse


Cranberry Burst Foil Glass Rose bowl, Circa 1890s

Colors of base glass included: Clear Cranberry

Surface: none

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Side View

Side View

Side View

 Side View

Top View

Bottom View


Colors:  Base glass is Clear cranberry glass.  The case glass is clear transparent over Gold burst foil.  See Glass Types section, subsection  Embedded Foil, Burst Foil Technique for full explanation. 

Glass Type:  Transparent cranberry glass base and clear case glass.

Bowl:  Basic shape of the rose bowl is a squat spherical with 24 inward pinched crimps.   The rose bowl also has a  shallow concave external ground base where pontil rod was attached.  Bowl has a convex interior, in the collar base area. 

Decoration:  None   

Dimension: 2.25 height by 4.63 wide.  Bowl opening 3.0 avg.

Glass House: Unknown

Region of Manufacture: Unknown, Likely to be English. 

Estimated Date of Manufacture:  1890s 

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