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  Unknown Glasshouse


Overshot Glass Rose Bowl, Circa 1890s

Colors of base glass included: Clear green case coat at top over crimp area.

Surface: none

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Side View

Side View

Side View

 Side View

Top View

Bottom View

Colors:  Base glass is Clear.  The limited case glass is a green and was only applied at the top of the bowl in the crimp area.      

Glass Type:  Transparent glass base, with green case glass in crimp area.

Bowl:  Basic shape of the rose bowl is spherical with eight inward pinched crimps.   The rose bowl also has a  deep concave external base where pontil rod was attached.  Bowl has a convex interior, in the collar base area. 

Decoration:  Over shot glass treatment with applied flowers and vines.   

Dimension: 5.13 height by 6.25 wide.  Bowl opening 2.75 avg.

Glass House: Unknown

Region of Manufacture: Either English or Bohemian  

Estimated Date of Manufacture:  1890s 

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